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現代美術展『パノラマ庭園 -移ろう地図、侵食する風景-』
EXHIBITION “PANORAMA GARDEN – Changing Map, Melting Landscape –”

アッセンブリッジ・ナゴヤがスタートしてからの4年間でも、港まちの風景は絶えず動き続けています。新たな建設が進行する一方で、数多くの商店が閉店し建物が取り壊され、空き家や空き地も増えています。 2018年には、これまでまちの社交場として開いてきた「UCO」が並ぶ一帯の長屋も解体され、駐車場になりました。このできごとを受け、アーティストユニット・L PACK.を中心に、新たな社交場「NUCO」を近隣に立ち上げました。




As part of the project PANORAMA GARDEN which started in 2016, the art division has been conducting a two-year program since 2018 under the subtitle Changing Map, Melting Landscape. This year, we will organize an exhibition connecting the several venues scattering in the Nagoya Port area again.

The landscape of the Nagoya Port area has been restlessly altering itself since Assembridge NAGOYA started four years ago. While there have been new sites that have been freshly built, there also have been many stores that have closed down and been demolished, resulting in accelerating numbers of vacant houses and sites. In 2018, the nagaya (Japanese traditional houses connected under a single ridge) where the social interaction hub “UCO” was nested, the entire area became demolished and had turned into a parking lot. As a reaction to this incident, a new hub called “NUCO” was launched at a place closeby by members who sympathized with the artist unit L PACK. who took the initiative in this movement.

While we accept all these new changes and continue to observe the things happening in the area, we also seek new forms of expression developed throughout research, performances, collective works and all other creative works conducted by artists in the area, and define all these as one overall “project”.

Some of the presentations shown in this festival may not be finished works, but instead projects that would continue to evolve. We are unsure how each project will alter their forms and influence the area and its people. We look forward to seeing how the artists would comprehend the continuous changes that is happening and would make actions through their projects.

A “map” is a collective of symbols that indicate our current location, and also something that memorizes and transcribes the changes that have happened at a location. Through the exhibition consisted as a collective of projects and by presenting multifarious expressions from the Nagoya Port area, we aim to connect the “present” with the past and the future, and hopefully become a platform to expand the ways of thinking of everyone.

Planning|Hiroyuki Hattori, Shinya Aota, Yuri Yoshida