Music and Art:
Activation Landscape
Assembridge NAGOYA is a festival set in the Nagoya Port area(Minatomachi),
showcasing classical music and contemporary art since 2016. “Assembridge” is a coined term, combining “assemble” - to gather, to build - and “bridge”. The term encompasses our aim for music and art to bridge people and the town, create connections and eventually nurture a new culture. Developed from the last edition, a tighter connection between music and art can be seen throughout this year’s program, from the exhibition theme inspired by contemporary music and concerts in the exhibition spaces to a collaboration between a composer and a video artist. The stage is not concert halls or museums but the town itself. Music and art blend into the everyday life of the Nagoya Port area, and the creative spaces transform the surrounding landscape.

2017.10.14 (Sat.) – 12.10( Sun.)
Open hour| 11:00 – 19:00 Thursday to Sunday
VENUES| Around the Nagoya Subway TSUKIJIGUCHI Station to NAGOYAKO(Port of Nagoya) Station area

[General Information Center]
Minatomachi POTLUCK Building
1-19- 23, Meiko, Minato-ku, Nagoya, 455-0037, Aichi
TEL/FAX 052-652- 2511