2016.9.22(thu)– 10.23(sun)
ART  :9.22(thu)– 10.23(sun)
MUSIC:9.22(thu)– 9.25(sun)
Assembridge NAGOYA 2016 will be held this fall. Internationally active classical musicians will be invited from both home and abroad, filling this port town with music on an unprecedented scale. A special venue at the Port of Nagoya’s waterside Garden Futou (wharf), the Wasser Bühne (Water Stage), represents a connection between this port town and the rest of the world, where it will host festive outdoor concerts, including a special show by the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra.

In a contemporary art exhibition themed PANORAMA GARDEN – Discovering Signs in an Alternative Ecosystem, Nagoya’s port district will be likened to a garden, with artists incorporating their work into the area as if creating a garden. Programming including events, talk sessions and workshops will further the analogy, allowing visitors and audiences to enjoy our port town as if strolling through a garden. This fall, look forward to a port town that will connect you with the rest of the world through music and art.

Music and Art:
Activation Landscape
We coined the term Assembridge by combining assemble and bridge, signifying both gathering and creating. This term encompasses our hope that music and art will act as bridges connecting the town and its people and creating relationships, and that this will cultivate and nurture a new culture. Examples of internationally vetted classical music and contemporary artwork will make their appearances at venues that are neither concert halls nor museums, but rather everyday public spaces in our very own town, where they will intermingle with citizens, visitors and the local landscape.